Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

Monday TRANSFERS!! Elder Castillo. No he does not speak Spanish. So that was kind of a bummer. But, he is awesome. It was kind of a P-day to relax as our District does nothing for fun. But, we did get quite a few things out of the way. Also we had an awesome opportunity to give a blessing to a sister that is in the hospital. We also learned that this same sister is the mother of a member in our ward that has asked for less than frequent contact from us as missionaries. We are hoping this is a door opener.

Tuesday was awesome! We met a member whom missionaries have been trying to contact for about six months. He is pretty cool, but I don't know if he is really interested in coming back to church. We then tried to contact a few members while I showed my Companion the area that we cover. Let's just say he is not too excited for some of the hills we have to climb to get to members.

Wednesday was fun. We did some service for a sister as we are going to poison the weeds that are over growing in her yard. The hardest part was she didn't answer the door so no poison... We then visited another member who helped us break Elder Castillo's tire. He had what you call a split valve on his tube and I guess most air compresses don't work with it. So we ended up breaking it. Luckily another Elder had an extra tube we could use. We then, after fixing his tire, rode up another hill :) to get to service for a less-active member. That was fun. We then had to ride our hearts out to get to Eagle City as we were in the foothills so we could go to dinner at Pizza Hut. I really like the food but not the price. We then were asked to help a family that was moving. But by the time we got there it was almost done. So we tried a few other people whom of course didn't open their doors.

Thursday District Meeting. I really don't like most meetings but sometimes they are more fun than usual. This was one. When we returned home we had plans to contact people but then an idea came to mind. Earlier that week we stopped by a family and asked for service; they offered for us to mow their lawn, if we have time. Well we had time. So we mowed it and then they got home and bought us Milkshakes. She said the whole way home from work she was dreading mowing the yard and when she pulled up to her house she said her jaw dropped and her feet stopped hurting so much. It was nice that we were able to help. We then had an awesome Omelet dinner at our ward mission leaders house. And a few visits afterwards.

Friday we went back to cut some more bamboo and this time poisoned it. I am hoping it will work. We then went to lunch as a district. My treat to Idaho Pizza Company. I am just that nice. We then planned our next week and wrote up so progress records to let our ward mission know what we are doing. Lucky for us word is getting out about teaching members, and we had a member ask us to help teach his son who is going to be baptized here in a few months.

Saturday we had more service. We went and cut and stacked wood in the back yard of some non-members. They fed us an awesome spaghetti lunch and held a warhead competition. I won with nine at once and some sour spray. The reward was a milkshake at Doug's Burger Den. We then had dinner with a vegan member who bought us pizza because they were late that day. So one more down. :P

Sunday was awesome! We had ward council that morning so we tried to take a shortcut as we were short on time. While we crested a hill Elder Castillo slipped on the wet grass and bent his back wheels and messed up his brakes and smashed his knee on the pavement. So we get it fixed enough that the wheel will spin and start walking the rest of the way. While we were on the main road to get to the church building a brother stopped by and picked us up and helped us be only a few minutes late to the meeting instead of missing half of it. Right after the meeting the 2nd councilor in the Bishopric pulled us aside and asked if we could speak in Sacrament meeting. So with only an hour or so of prep we gave some talks on faith. Most people said they really liked them and thanked us for what we shared. I have no clue what I said so..." Let the Holy Spirit Guide". We then had our Stake Correlation meeting which went really well. We had a great dinner with a family that loves missionaries. We played some Uno. We then got a ride to another family that we were planning on stopping by as we have no other transportation at the time. Spent some time there talking about missions and how to tell if you should share a Book of Mormon or other church things with your neighbors. Ended the day with a long walk back to our house; when a member picked us up and dropped us off at our house. My companion was very thankful.

Blessing and miracles happen mostly when you don't plan on them. Keep your eyes open and "Count Your Many Blessings".

Good luck and remember D&C 82:10 "I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no Promise".

Elder McCallson
        Beautiful skies 
Mowing the lawn
Elder Castillo's turn


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