Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

Monday was great. We had our zone p-day at a park that is only 10 miles from where we live. In this mission 10 miles is far. We played rugby the whole time and needless to say my team won. It was only two hand touch but if you weren't watching where you were going or who was around you, you may bump into someone hard. :) I made bread for the first time. It is amazing!!
Tuesday was okay. We had a lesson with an investigator who doesn't seem to understand that we are agreeing on most of what he is saying. But, maybe one day he will.
Wednesday was slow as molasses...every door we knocked on didn't open. It was sort of a frustrating day. My biggest thing is if you don't want us to stop by just let us know. Don't hide and hope we go away, tell us you're not interested.
Thursday picked up. We had a great district meeting. And on top of that it was Elder Castillo's Birthday. Although after lunch it slowed a bit, all was well in the end...we had a great dinner and went to our Book of Mormon Basics class.
Friday was great. More service and more service. I am really excited though for it. I never really realized how much I loved being outside, getting my hands dirty until I have the opportunity to serve others.
Saturday went by in a flash. We asked our ward mission leader if he needed help so we pretty much helped him weed his garden the whole day getting it ready to actually plant real plants. There was a dying rose bush that had roots so deep we ended up just cutting it as low as possible and re-burying it. I almost hate rose bushes as much as bamboo.
Sunday was a nice day of rest. We had a great fast and testimony meeting where there was very little time spent in silence. We also were asked to help teach the 13-14 year old class about the Resurrection. It went a little sideways but we ended up having a really good conversation out of it. We visited a family that is going to help us establish contact with a potential investigator SO THAT IS AWESOME! We then had a great dinner and I won again at DARTS. Yes, real blowguns and darts. I am going to buy some when I get home.
Sorry it is short. I forgot my last planner and had to try and remember what we did last week. But, these are the most important things we had happen. There are blessings if we just look for them.
Elder McCallson
                           AWE YEAH! It is the best bread ever! I made it, I should know.

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