Thursday, April 16, 2015

January 12, 2015

Dear ...,
      I have no clue what to write. This week has just flown by and it feels as though I just wrote a letter home.
     This week has had a lot of minor changes. The Mission President combined two areas and made our companionship and another a companionship of three Elders, the Elders we lived with moved out of the apartment, and we found three new investigators. I guess those are the largest changes this week.
      The work in this area is picking up right as I am about to be transferred. But, so I am told, this is how it almost always works. Right as you start to gain momentum in an area you get moved on. Oh well, it is no big deal to me.
      The cold weather is determined to stay. It doesn't bother me but it does make it hard for us to make street contacts when there is almost no one out side because it's cold. I guess that is why we have tracting and referrals.
     Other than that, not much is happening in my life. There never seems to be enough time for anything. I now understand the saying "forget yourself and go to work". As I have been trying to forget things and work harder on finding and teaching about Christ and His atonement, time has been fleeting.
Elder McCallson

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