Thursday, April 16, 2015

April 6. 2015

Monday was a zone P-day. We went to this park and played some basketball which I am still no good at. I have been working on it though. We will see if I can get any better. We then played soccer in the which I scored our team two goals and won the game! So I guess I am better at that. I did also learn however that I am not made for running; or at lease not anymore. I felt like I was going to die. We then played Ultimate Frisbee  and that I am good at too. Our/my team won. I was just on fire.

Tuesday was slow. I don't really remember and I left my other planner at home so sorry.

Wednesday picked up a bit. We were able to make some good contacts with some less-active members that usually don't let us in the door. I love this Easter Initiative.

Thursday was our full day. We had district meeting that morning which was awesome. We went to a place called Taco Del Mar and it is like Chipotle but not. As Elder Coleman said in his email there seems to bee a lot of Burrito joints around. Here we have: Chipotle, Taco Del Mar, Café Rio, and a few less known places. I personally still prefer Chipotle. We then had some time to prepare for our Ward Correlation meeting which went very well. We were able to split up with some of the ward missionaries and visit some families in the ward. I also got a package from Elder Coleman in the mail with an awesome red tie. MONDAY TIE!

Friday was hectic. One of our last full proselyting days before Easter and General Conference (General Conference is live broadcasts Saturday and Sunday from SLC where we are taught by our Prophet and Apostles and learn of the Lord's will for us at this time specifically). We were running mad with all the people we were trying to squeeze in before to let them know about Conference. But, to make it better I got a package from home with some awesome recipes and some short sleeve shirts for the hot summer days coming.

Saturday CONFERENCE! I love conference. Not only because it is the closest we as missionaries get to watching tv for a few hours but because there are so many families and talks that are just AWESOME! And the food. We can't forget that part. The morning session we went to our ward mission leaders home and watched it in his basement while his family was gathering for a huge lunch and an Easter egg hunt. So, naturally we invited ourselves to lunch and hunting for eggs. Not really, he invited us so don't worry. Although, I have never seen so many people give out money for Easter. That is definitely a tradition I missed out on... Oh well, xan't change the past. We then got a ride to another member's home, the Moore's, who offered to have us for the afternoon session. This was the first time in a long time that I had shrimp. I am still not a huge fan of it but it is better than I remember. We then went with another member to dinner and the Priesthood session that night. I have to say that the Saturday sessions of Conference were awesome and you should all go back and watch or rewatch them!

Sunday, MORE CONFERENCE, and food. We spent the morning with the members that house us. They are awesome. They had this little Easter egg hunt for us to participate in. Again they gave money in the eggs... The morning session of conference was awesome with the announcement of three new temples! We then tried a last minute effort to invite some of our potential investigators to watch conference with no luck, at least that we know of. Then we went to the afternoon session with another member who fed us lunch and had a whole table full of candy. So thanks Mom for not sending any for Easter. We then ran from there to our dinner appointment totally full by this time to a big Ham and Funeral Potatoes dinner with another member in our ward. I gave an object lesson called three cups and three knives and Brother Earl is the first one to get it in under 2 minutes. He was so excited. It was an awesome lesson.

I hope you all tried to pay attention to the Prophet and Apostles as they spoke. There were so many great insights shared. One of my favorites was of the two brothers that went mountain climbing. The older brother got stuck and asked his younger brother to go find something to help pull him up knowing that there was nothing at the top where his younger brother was. He waited a bit said a prayer and jumped as high as he could. He made it but his hands started to slip when, as it was said, "like lightning in a summer storm" two hands reached out to grab his as they were slipping on the sandy surface. I think that a lot of times we are like the older brother. We tell others to go find help knowing that the only person that can do anything about it is us. But, what I don't think we realize is that there is something, or better yet, Someone who can help. Please remember our Savior Jesus Christ. He is there for you and just as with Peter when he was walking on the water and started to sink because of fear, he will do as he did with Peter and "immediately... stretch forth his hands, and [catch us]."

May you all find the love that our Heavenly Father and Jesus have for you.
Elder McCallson
Tie from Elder Coleman
 Tie from Family


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