Thursday, April 16, 2015

March 23, 2015

      Monday was a terrific zone p-day. We started by trying to get some volleyball going. It lasted for I think 20 minutes. Longer than usual. Then we ended up playing chair soccer with the whole Zone! Oh, by the way, they combined the Star Zone and Eagle Zone together making our zone one of the biggest in the mission with 15 companion ships. Lets just say that when 30 Missionaries get together things get rough. Especially when you have a few Tongans, a Samoan, and soccer players in your zone. The only real injury was my companion's glasses. He was hit in the face twice.
      Tuesday was full of service. We helped finish cleaning up a members orchard. Scooped some poop (Horse) had Pizza again. It seems like people think we want pizza all the time.... Remember that when you sign up to feed the missionaries.
      Wednesday was more poop. Also some weed pulling. Thanks for the idea to use a screwdriver mom. It is much better when digging in rocks than a spade. We also made contact with a less-active member who loves art. He showed us some of his work and he loves Jesus. I think he classifies himself as Catholic now and he does a lot for the community when it comes to art. He gave us some hands-on tips with clay and let us take some home. So that is how I have been spending free time during lunch.
      Thursday was our District meeting. I can't remember if I already said this but my last companion Elder Lee is still my district leader. Other than that the day dragged on as most of the people we had planned were getting ready to leave for Spring Break.
     Friday, SPRING! Although the weather here has been so warm it feels like it was already. Most people have their fields plowed and ready to plant. Some already have. I was also able to get another Elder to help me, Elder Capps, fix my bike as I have been having problems with the brakes.
     Saturday was more service. We helped a brother in the ward dig up a sprinkler in hopes of finding where it was leaking into his neighbors yard causing a flood in his basement. No luck. So we changed and helped rake his yard and have become very proficient at cleaning and raking. After that we finished our poop project and hopefully don't have to return for it anytime soon. We also learned this day that the Sisters in our district need to move out of their house as that member's son is returning from school, so we had to give up our future home to them. So now our entire district lives in our ward. GO EAGLE 4TH WARD!
     Sunday was slow. We were suppose to have ward council but, there was suppose to be no one in town. So we get to church and it is packed. I mean almost more people than usual. There was a great talk by a sister on Grace and the Atonement. She made people cry. Well at least the Bishop. I love you Bishop. We then had our Stake Correlation meeting which went really well...better than expected. After that we went to dinner and had a dart competition with real blow guns and darts. I WON!
     So as you can tell this week was really awesome! The Lord is blessing us. Thank you for your prayers and your well wishes. I love all of you and hope you never have to deal with as much "crap" as I have. To give you an idea look at the pictures.
Elder McCallson
Can you spot the POOP?
How about NOW?

Did you spot the poop? "Now that's one big pile of POOP there!"
 or is it "cart of poop"?!

This is how Missionaries RELAX in a hammock
Should I take off my ROSE COLORED GLASSES?
over and out!

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