Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Grandpa Gene! Happy Birthday Grandma Ilene (on Wed)!

Dear Reader,
Everything is Awesome! Well almost. There are a lot of changes in how Salt Lake is training us to teach. But, it is more effective than the way we did it before. I would ask all of you to read Preach My Gospel and to apply the principles. They are more than just for missionaries. In a talk given by Elder Holland, he said "Preach My Gospel is to convert the missionary, then it is their job to figure out how to help convert others." The same goes for all of you.
It has been getting colder each morning here but with the sun it is beautiful.
Idaho is just as good as most people told me it would be.
Elder McCallson
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                                          Politics in the Mission Field

       People say I'm not in Kansas anymore, but with cows in the middle of town, it feels like Olathe

November 3, 2014

This week has been a great one. With Halloween and finding 2 new investigators, we have kicked this new week out with a bang. I am so grateful for all you at home who are writing me... the rest of you need to pick up the slack. But, I can see that life is busy. I mean how can I chastise you if I didn't do it before my mission.
Transfers were today and I have a new companion, Elder Lee. Sorry I forgot my camera at home today, because we lost our car. Those Sister missionaries. :P
But, all is well right now. Work is slowly picking up in our area and we are having more opportunities to share the gospel and reactivate children of our Heavenly Father. The members have really started to help us as well. It is awesome when we have members that are willing to do missionary work instead of expecting us to do it all.
I love you all and know that I will be amazed when I return home on how big the ward is or to hear that it split while I was away. Right?!
Elder McCallson

October 27, 2014

To whom it may concern,
I am so grateful for this opportunity to write you this week. Quite a bit has happened and quite a lot has changed. It has been a tough week. But, I am happy that I have this gospel. Without all the knowledge I can obtain it would be depressing. I would exhort all of you with all the energy of my soul to take a look at how much of this gospel you truly understand. I would like you to write down what you know. Then from there, gain more. "Do you have time for God?"
I know that as you work hard to understand the doctrine better, revelation will come. In fact, you are entitled to revelation. Just look at the Brother of Jared. It said his faith was so great that he could not, not will not or should not, but could not be held within the veil.
We as humans put stipulations on revelation, saying it has to be God's will or I just don't need to know. That is one of the Devil's best lies...because almost everyone believes it.
Please remember we have a loving Heavenly Father who wants us to know everything he does and is just waiting for us to seek for it.
I love you all and hope you remember to thank God for all you have,
Elder McCallson
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                                         Boise's Capitol  Building

                                         I RULE!

          Man, That game is so important, it has say I the Idaho Senate!

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                                         Halloween is Awesome!