Thursday, April 16, 2015

March 9, 2015

      Monday was awesome!! We played capture the flag as a Zone. The best part is no one got hurt too seriously. A poked eye, some head trauma, and a bloody nose were all the injuries to show for it. And I only caused them... well some of them. Okay I ran into one of my teammates who was running towards me to get back into the game and ran into them giving them a bloody nose. But it was their fault. They stuck some tissue in their nose and played the rest of the game. The game after that my whole team but me was tagged and they had their whole team in because you can't protect the flag and keep them from getting people out of jail when you are the only one in. So one of them ran for the flag and I got him right before he crossed the line so my flag was now just a jump from crossing. So they thought they could go for it and I went for the eye... no he bent down as I was going to tag him and his face got in my way. I think people just like getting hit in the head or something. The best part is these two stories happened to the ones who were going home last Saturday; so I had to leave them something to remember their missions with. :)

     Tuesday was exchanges with my district leader, who went home. But not either of the stories from Monday. I missed him... but it all worked out because he and both of the sisters in our zone all collided and he got a swollen nose. So all's well that ends well. But back to exchanges. I had a car for the day. It was so nice. But there is also a draw back. We sat in the car because we ran through all the people we had planned to visit that day in about an hour or so. I forgot how awful that is when you are able go through everyone because you can get to their house in a few minutes instead of walking all the way. By dinner though people were home... how interesting it's like they worked that day or something... anyways we had dinner with this awesome family. Fried Chicken! aweyeeah! We then exchanged back only 24 hours.

    Wednesday was slow. Just about no one was home that day either. After lunch we went guessed it... raked more tumble weed! FUN! But really we only did that for an hour then had a better offer to help a recent convert's grandfather move. We were so excited to do something else. We got there with 10 other guys from the ward and guess what?...the only thing they needed moved was a bed.... an air mattress at that. So the member we got a ride with took us out to dinner - CHIPOTLE! No, he offered, I didn't ask for him to take us there. After that we were asked to help teach the Teachers (young men ages 14-15) about planning and teaching a lesson. So we came up with this awesome idea and we totally rocked it.

     Thursday was Zone Meeting, Weekly Planning, and Ward Correlation. For lunch our zone leaders took us to a members house and we had a huge grill-out it was pretty awesome. Then onto weekly planning which is not as awesome; and to top it off our dinner cancelled on us. We then went to our ward mission leaders house for a ward mission meeting aka Ward Correlation. That was fun though.

    Friday I don't quite remember what we did that day. We tried to contact people but of course no one was home so we went and did something.

     Saturday though was my day to tan.... err, I mean, my day to help others. It is also the day we said goodbye to three of the missionaries in our zone. RIP Elder Merrill, Elder Ysla, and Sister Heaton; enjoy your time in the land of Eternal P-Days. TRANSFER CALLS!! We started the day by helping Old (Young) McDonald on his farm. Waiting for the call as it had not yet come. We then started to bike to do some more service when the call came. And who would have guessed it, we couldn't get the whole message to play. So we had to ask someone else what happened so they sent us the call. We both are staying for another 6 weeks. We then went to rake more tumble weed, this time we finished it. NO MORE!!! I'm so happy! We then went out to dinner to celebrate the occasion with CHIPOTLE! This time I did ask! Also chick-fil-a. This has been a pretty good week.
     Sunday we had our ward council meeting where we finally "passed" our ward mission plan! We are so ready for this! I am pumped. Church as usual...except a less-active and his non-member wife/girlfriend ( not sure which) showed up to church and stayed for all three hours!

     I am excited to see where the rest of this week will take us. I am excited for this next transfer and know something big is coming. I don't know what it is but it is coming. Life has been good. Prayers are coming true and miracles are happening. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers of encouragement. They truly do bless the lives of all those you pray for. I am a living witness that there is power in a pure prayer.
I love all of you,
Elder McCallson

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