Thursday, April 16, 2015

March 2, 2015

     This week was good. I decided I wanted to try a new way of writing these things. I will try to keep them interesting and informative. I will also try to share even some of the less interesting things of the week.
      Monday we emailed, shopped, and stayed around our house for 4 hours. Yeah, what a blast!! What an awesome P-Day. I love not having a car and living in the foothills ;)  No, it was fun to just relax for a bit and not have to worry about: What are we going to do?  How are we going to get there?  or Do we need a third male? (For those of you wondering about this last question...Missionaries, even though they are in sets of two, must have another male, 18 or older to accompany them to a "single adult female's home, just for precaution's sake)
     Tuesday was a little better. We did service all day. 7 1/2 hours of digging holes for a fence and getting and pouring gravel to fix a road. I do have to say it was awesome to get out of the Pros clothing and put on a good old pair of jeans and a t-shirt and get a little dirty moving posts and railroad ties.
      Wednesday we had a rare event called Leadership Exchanges. Instead of just within the Zone; this time multiple Zones get together and exchange. My comp for the day was Elder Glover. He had the Pics of us and I have to get them from him... If I ever see him again. He is a "visa waiter" on his way to Brazil. We raked more tumble weed and road our bikes all over our area. That night we also helped the Deacons (young men age 12-13) with a little "mission" activity they did. They all got a "call" to a mission and had to prepare a 30 second info speech and a food unique to their area. There was a lot of food! It was awesome!
     Thursday was weekly planning. I have no clue what I will ever do without weekly planning. It is long at times but it really helps us get a perspective on how we need to better work and what things we need to get done that next week.
      Friday was probably our slowest day. There was really not much planned for Friday because we had done all we could think of trying to leave stuff for Saturday. MY FIRST BIKE WRECK. Nothing really good to report on that thought. I am alright! I just had to buy a new wheel and tube for my front tire. No scratches, scars. or ripped pants. I was sort of disappointed. :P
     Saturday!! We had this thing called Family Discovery Day. It was with a group call RootsTech. You can find it on  It was all about family history and the power it can bring to us. I did a little indexing and Ancestry. I would invite all of you whether in the Church or not to look into your past...they are just waiting to help us and it is our job to find them.
    Sunday was awesome! We had a Regional Conference with Elder L. Tom Perry. It was fantastic! There was some serious rebuking that went on as they talked about repentance, charity, and our purpose in searching for who the Lord wants us to be.
     I still am not a fan of BBQ chicken. I don't know what it is... I just really don't like the flavor of BBQ. But it was good.
     I am looking forward as this is the last week of the transfer. I am wondering how this next one will go. There are so many people going home this transfer and the next one that there are going to be a lot of changes. Who knows maybe I will start to cover two whole wards!! :P
I love you all,
Elder McCallson
                                                               Blue Skies
Ok, You're Joking, Right?!

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