Thursday, April 16, 2015

February 9, 2015

Hey, you there, sitting reading this message. You should pat your head and rub your stomach.
    This week was great. We had the opportunity to go to the Temple and feel of the Spirit that is there. It is amazing to me to see how much difference there is in how I view the Temple. There is great work to be done.
     For those of you who are not members that read this blog, the Temple is the House of the Lord on the earth. It is a place where those who are worthy go and make promises to God to be faithful and obedient to the commandments He had given us. We don't hold Sunday meetings there. Those buildings that we do meet in on Sundays are called Meeting Houses.
    This week was full of walking, riding, and walking. Something that we are not allowed to do is ride horses. But, I wish we could in this area. Just about every farm here has at least 2-3 horses walking the land. I think I will ask my mission president about it.
    There is something important that I want you to commit to do for yourself right now - this very moment you are reading. I want you to think! I want you to wonder and ponder on how you can help you and your family become better. Now with that thought... I want you to think of a way that you can do it. I want you to become the best person you can and the best family you can so that others will want to know what makes you, YOU!  This is something that I have been doing as I have been reflecting on how can I have others ask what makes me different. Other than wearing a suit and tie everywhere and have a name tag... What about me do people want to know why I am that way.
I know that you will come to find things in your life that will help you change to become better.
In the words of Walt Disney: "Keep Moving Forward"
Elder McCallson
                                          My MTC District together again
                                         Me and Shawn

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