Thursday, April 16, 2015

January 20, 2015

     Not much has happened this week. We are coming up to a Mission Conference and have a special guest speaker. Elder Nelson. I guess that is some pretty big news though.
     There is still so much that I need to learn I have found. I guess that is always true. I guess that sometimes it hits me in waves. Like I know I am a missionary but sometimes when you are walking down the street you have this realization that you are a missionary. It is kind of weird sometimes and almost freaks you out.
       That and when people honk or yell out at you for anything really it hits me that someone is really always watching you even if all they know is what they "know".
      I am looking forward to this next transfer. My time has come. I think...
      I really have grown attatched to this area and will now have the opportunity to move on and work in a new area. Who knows, with such small stakes and wards I could move right across the street and be in a whole new zone stake and ward. It is kind of rediculous how they organized the areas up here.
Anyway I love you all,
Elder McCallson

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