Thursday, April 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

Monday... another home P-Day. It is hard to get something going when no one else wants to get together. Pizza for dinner is awesome! 

Tuesday was good. We were able to help a brother rake his field and burn it. Well, that is... he used a homemade FLAMETHROWER! Lucky us again Pizza.

Wednesday went slowly. For lunch though we had a member take us to KFC so that made the day a little better. To add on top of that pi (that's for March 14th).... I mean Ribs which was really good.

Thursday was full. We started by helping a member clean out their garage which was a nice change from always being outside. We got Subway for lunch! Right after that we ran home to do more service this time for a non-member not in our area. But, the brother who knows her really well is in our ward. It was awesome to meet her. She really knows the history of Eagle. Right after that we got a ride to dinner where we had you guessed it, General's Chicken. :P

Friday didn't go as planned. But, was still awesome. We started off with nothing to do because all our plans cancelled. Those are the best. But things turned around by lunch because we had district lunch because we had to move district meeting for interviews with president. That was really good. I also was asked to give part of the training. It's funny how it works when your last companion is now your district leader. After that we went and helped some members rake their path to their house. We had this "Missionary Meal" is what they called it. Shredded Chicken covered in cheese and sauce on tortilla chips with lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa.

Saturday we had high hopes for. But, rain ruins almost every plan you make when they consist of outdoor service. So right before it rained we were able to help a member clean up his orchard that was just pruned. Almost all our plans when south from there as we walked around in the rain trying to contact people. Dinner again pizza. But things turned up as the rain stopped and we were able to hop on our bikes and get out to some members and get some work done.

Sunday a day of rest for everyone but missionaries. Had our studies, had lunch, went to church. Dinner was roast and potatoes. Tried to stop by to visit some people and they actually answered their doors this time. That was a blessing. Then off to bed. Hmm maybe it was more restful that I thought.

It has been fun to see and read all of the cool things that are happening keep me up to date. I hope all of you are enjoying the weather that is on the way. I know we are.
Elder McCallson
I can ride my bike without hands, and text, too!
I think this weighs more than my companion
I am Heavy Weapons Guy and this is my Weapon
it's a reference from a game, so hope you get it!

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