Thursday, April 16, 2015

February 2, 2015

Dear Reader,
     This new area is awesome. Hard, but good. There are days when we have next to nothing to do because the ward is so active; they have reached out to the Less Active members, or the fact that if you aren't a member you know one who is and you are content. It has been an awesome experience for me to learn patience. I know that it was inspired by my Mission President to send me here.
     Who knows when I get done with this area I may even have a six pack..... or not. Food is awesome.
     Sorry there are no pictures this week I left my camera charger at my last apartment and just got it today. So hopefully by next Monday I will have some to send home of all the wonderful emptiness that is my area. No but really, everyone out here owns land. On the land are these four basic things, horses, dogs, trucks, and guns. The last one you don't really see but I know they have one. It has been a lot of fun getting to know how different the culture is between here and Kansas and here and the city.
     Service is how we pass the time. Anything. We helped a member destroy a fence and build a new one. It was hard work but fun. We actually saw the sun for about 5 hours one day. I know that sounds weird but here in Idaho, those of you who lived in the valley know, are inversions. Clouds of water, pollution, and other things cover the sky for days at times. I heard last year they had one that lasted 30 days. A lot of the missionaries started to get depressed so they would save their miles so they could travel to Idaho City, in the mountains, to see the sun. I hope I never have to go through one of those.
     I am looking forward to this upcoming conference and am excited for the opportunity to hear from the General Authorities of the Church.
      We are going to the Temple today. I never really realized how awesome it is to do something different until all you do everyday is the same and then once every three months you get to do something out of the ordinary. Also I never really appreciated the Temple and the strength and help it gives to not only me but to recent Converts to the church. GET THEM THERE!
     I look forward to your letters and emails in this upcoming week.
Elder McCallson

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