Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Dear Blog,
Happy New Year!
Not much new here in Idaho. The snow keeps falling and then melting then falling again. The weather is not bad a little cold at nights but that is about it.
The work slowed down for the holidays but will be picking back up soon. I am really excited to really get back to work and "teach and preach the word of God." I have been going through a talk given by Elder David A Bednar "Seek Learning by Faith." I would suggest it to all those who would like to understand how to better learn, whether it is doctrinal or not the Spirit can teach us all things.
I guess those are my thoughts for this week.
Elder McCallson

December 29, 2014

Dear fantastic person,
This week was awesome! Christmas and all. It was nice to meet so many new people. Our only problem was that all the people we visited and their family members that we there were all members. I guess that is how it goes sometimes. The rest of the week went by really fast. I can't believe how fast time is going when you really "forget yourself and go to work." It has really inspired me to not loose my "greenie glow" as we call it in the mission. I am really excited to see how this next week will go.
I guess something most people like to give missionaries is socks. I now have enough to last till the end of my mission. I hope. I also found that being a missionary is awesome! People just invite you over and give you food just because. I guess I realized that if everyone did this throughout the year that there would be no starvation.
What did I learn this week... that is interesting. I found that God really does answer prayers and is watching over all of us. Please remember to pray and look for His hand in your life as you move forward.
What did I want to do before the end of the year... I really just wanted to work hard. I guess before the end of the year I wanted to help at least one person progress towards their Father in Heaven. I accomplished that.
I have found out that I am a really bad conversationalist. Meaning I am running out of things to write home about. I need questions from you the reader to know what more to write.
Ask and ye shall receive; knock and it shall be open unto you.
God bless your path,
Elder McCallson

December 22, 2014

This last week was really good. We were able to teach quite a few people and help others start to find their way home.
There is not much to report. No snow but I hear we may have a white Christmas. We will see.
I am really excited to have it this year. It is interesting how different people are and how much more kind they are even to us missionaries. I feel blessed for growing up in a community that didn't have as many anti-Mormon feelings as Idaho has.
I guess it just goes to show that you need a strong testimony and firm beliefs if you are going to be a member of the Church. I hope all of you are remembering the Gift and how important He is to all of us.
This upcoming week is going to be awesome. I am really excited to see what blessing and miracles will come from such a united faith in Christ on the Earth.
God bless us, Everyone!
I am so excited for all of you. And know there are many blessing awaiting you. Remember to ask for them. There are many things you can learn just by inviting the Spirit into your day.
Elder McCallson
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                                                 Santa and Two Missionaries

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December 15, 2014

Dear those who split and those who stayed,
I just heard the wonderful news! The ward grew so much that we had to have a division made. I am going to miss all those that had to move to the other ward but I look forward to seeing all of you when I return.
Christmas is quickly approaching. Did you think of the missionaries? Christmas day and eve are non- proselyting days and they need things to keep them busy. Also have you looked up Christmas.Mormon.Org? It is awesome. Remember #SharetheGift.
There is a lot of awesome progress being made here in Boise. I am really excited for this next six weeks. I am still in the same area. Six months I will be here. I am really looking forward to all the help I can give before I leave.
I have made a lot of good friends. It is fun to be able to make friends with people I probably never would have before my mission. I guess it just goes to show how judgmental I was before my mission.
Anyways I am really looking forward to all the blessings that you will receive this month. Please remember to let me know too.
It is odd to think that before my mission I hardly wrote to other missionaries but now that I am on mine I can't believe how much strength and encouragement letters from home are. My address is
1111 S Cole Rd
Boise Idaho 83704
Please send me letters so I can write you back.
Elder McCallson