Thursday, April 16, 2015

March 30, 2015

Monday another P-Day....
Tuesday went better than I thought. That morning we stopped by a member's house and helped put in a 10 foot net for their son to kick his soccer ball into so it would stop going into their neighbor's yard. Lucky for us it rained that morning making the ground wet for us to drive these 3 foot holders for the posts into the ground. Most of our other origional plans for this day fell through - people being out of town. It was like it was a vacation time or something ;) We were able to make a really good contact with a member who we hadn't seen in a while.
Wednesday nearly went as planned. We had some service planned with our ward mission leader and lunch with a single sister in our ward who is on the depressed side of life right now. We then went to this awesome family in the ward for dinner who has the most hyper children ever. It was fun and made me sort of jelous because I wished I could roll on the floor like they did. But then I realized I may never stop rolling, so that made me laugh. We then were able to contact an investigator who went out of town two weeks ago.
Thrusday finally a day that we can relax.... sort of. We had meetings all day. We went to district meeting which was awesome! Then we went out to an all-you-can-eat pizza place, Idaho Pizza Company, and someone paid for us!!! I love being a missionary. After that we got a ride to a member's house who we have been going to to help him read the scriptures. We then invited him to a class that is held on Thursday nights at the church building. HE CAME!! We then had an hour zone meeting, which we were late to because our ride fell asleep and turned off his phone...., on #BecauseHeLives! We got some pass-along cards to help share the message.
Friday was slow. By this time everyone was out of town and we had no one really to visit. Except we now have free range on everyone when it comes to these initiatives. So we were able to make some really good contacts with people who normally don't want anything churchy. But, a simple message about Jesus Christ can get you into almost any door. Dinner that night was with a brother who can only make contact with us when his wife is out of town. For some reason she really hates the church but he is there every Sunday. And he also is helping fellowship an investigator we have.
Saturday morning was spent pulling weeds... Bamboo that is. And chasing a duck who made her nest in some weeds by a member's house. The afternoon started to get hard as there were a few people who were just returning from Spring Break vacations and were tired. GENERAL WOMAN'S CONFERENCE!
Sunday, was Fast Sunday (not as in fast vs. slow...but a Sunday each month set aside to physically fast for 24 hours for a specific reason....a blessing that may be needed on our own behalf or on the behalf of someone else, like when someone is physically sick or maybe when we need a special spiritual blessing, insight or guidance, we petition the Lord for His help and show our faith by depriving our physical bodies of food and water for 24 hours, thus focusing all our efforts on the spiritual strength needed). Two of them this month for this ward because of General Conference next week. For dinner we had this pork roast with a pineapple sause. It was delicious. Later that night we were also able to make contact with another member who I have never met. So that made that day fantastic!
I love you all and look forward to hearing from you next week.
Elder McCallson
The Bamboo ROOT I dug out (I hate Bamboo!)
Mama Duck in her nest
The 13 eggs that were under the Mama Duck

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