Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 26, 2015

We had Leadership Exchanges this week. It is when we swap with missionaries across the mission instead of just within the District or Zone. We found two new investigators, and by that I mean for the other Elders area that I was in. Micky and Shaylee. They are awesome. Micky wasn't sure if God existed but he prayed at the end of the lesson which is a huge thing. Shaylee believed in a God and has gone to different churches with her friends, including ours, but has never really studied Him.
We also have a baptism coming up in the District. She has been through a lot as she has made the decision to be baptized. She got kicked out and disowned by her parents. Quit collage so she could pick up a full time job so she can live and has had a few other hurdles to get over. She and her boyfriend were having problems. But when she had finally made the decision to be baptized and work with him she said it was a whole lot easier than she thought it would be. 1 Nephi 3:7 at work!! I love it when the scriptures can be applied to our lives.
We also taught Marisa and Ryan about the Word of Wisdom, which I thought would be difficult to share and have them accept the invitation to give up coffee, tea and alcohol. They had made a few comments before we taught this lesson about how they liked the flavor of beer and wine and when we go over they almost always have a bottle of tea in the front room. But all that day I was praying that Heavenly Father would soften their hearts to accept this commandment and to strengthen mine and Elder Farnsworths to say what He wanted us to say. Well when we got to the hard part of inviting them they readily accepted. I was almost stunned. ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE!
We helped re-roof a house which was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Mostly because we just put the new roofing onto of the old. I really liked it!
Well this next week is going to be awesome! I want to hear one time this week that a scripture applied to a time in your life. YES I WANT YOU TO EMAIL ME. jacob.mccallson@myldsmail.net just click it and write. I made it easy. These times happen all the time you just have to have your eyes open and your heart more open.
Love you all,
Elder McCallson

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