Saturday, October 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

This week was awesome! We are still working on finding new investigators and teaching but, all is well.
Elder Davis got transferred to Boise Central Stake where I use to be. Not the same ward but the same district I was in. I am still a District Leader and a trainer. I will get to meet the fresh meat... I mean, new missionaries on Tuesday, as that is the day they step off the plane to get to Boise. My District has grown from 3 companionship including my own to 4. We added another set of Elders. Elder Lowe and a new missionary who will also be stepping off the plane Tuesday.

The Meadowlark ward, the ward we covered the last three weeks, was sad to see us go. I didn't realize how much the loved us until the Bishop took us aside, when he learned that we were getting transferred out, and told us that he had talked with President Winder to keep us serving in his ward. I think that was the first time a Bishop has wanted me to stay in his ward. Or at least told me that he wanted us to stay.

We also had to leave behind our new convert, Cheri, but I will still get to see her as the ward is still in my District and I will get to go on exchanges there at times.

I left my camera behind so I will send pictures next week.

I know that my Redeemer lives, I know that He is ever watchful and knows when we are strongest and when we are weakest. I know that He allows us to be tempted but that if we turn to Him in all we do He will give us strength beyond anything that we could imagine. I know that as we grow our relationships with our families through faith in Jesus Christ that we will come closer not only to each other but to our Heavenly Father and the Savior. If you truly search for Heavenly Father in your life He will show Himself. But only to those who are willing the change their hearts, views, and ideas about what they have been taught to the Truth that He has to share. He is waiting to bless you, will you delay?

Peace be unto you,
Elder McCallson

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