Saturday, October 24, 2015

August 17, 2015

This week was awesome! We had a baptism in our ward Cheri. She was totally prepared to learn and grow in the Gospel. The Elders met her about 12 weeks ago, then they got transferred out and Sister missionaries came in and started to teach her. Then they got moved out prematurely and we finished the teaching and the baptism. She gave up coffee and smoking from the time that the missionaries taught her about the Word of Wisdom. She is a walking miracle.
We also met a Pentecostal minister who started to teach us about the Bible. It was fun that as his translator was explaining things and names that we readily agreed with the people he was talking about and the stories he was sharing. He was quite surprised about all the stories and understanding we had. Oh by the way, he is from Tanzania (in Africa). We are going to go back and ask some questions that we ran out of time to ask last time. But, before that, there were all these people sitting on this front porch so Elder Davis said we should go talk to them. So we went back and the first real teaching after they asked their basic questions of Do you believe in the bible and Jesus Christ, they then went straight into Baptisms for the Dead. It was crazy as when one person would walk inside another person would come outside so we would have to reexplain what we had already said to the others and then they would start to bring up different ideas and doctrine into the conversation. It was great as there was a husband and wife that were there that as we spoke and shared our testimonies and understandings that they started to soften. But then there was this one guy that couldn't help but yell as he was trying to show that he was right and we caught him in a few traps of his own words. Then the pastor came and I ended up talking to him through a translator as Elder Davis was able to talk with the husband of the previously mentioned couple. While the wife translated for me to the Pastor.
We also on top of all that had a Zone Conference which was fantastic! IT was a real boost to my spirit as we talked about how we can better teach and listen to our investigators and other. We really worked on finding root problems and concerns instead of trying to throw on Band-Aid (Copyright)[I don't know how to make the symbol ;) ] on every problem or what we may think the problem is. I then also realized that I know a lot of people. As we were there and had some time to mingle I was able to talk to a lot of missionaries that I had not seen in a long time.
I wish I had pictures to send of the baptism but my Blender Bottle(copyright) broke and water-logged my bag so I had to let the camera dry before I tried to turn it on. Yes mom it still works.
I look forward to this next week.
Your friendly neighborhood missionary.
ps: that is Elder McCallson by the way.

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