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August 31,2015

This week was awesome! I have a new, new companion, Elder Farnsworth. He just stepped off the plane Tuesday. He is awesome. I know that this next transfer is going to be fantastic. Mostly because he gets my obscure movie quotes and reminds me of Elder Jared Morris. I will try to send a picture next week of the two of us but we will have to see if I can remember.

I have noticed many things on my mission, but one of the biggest things is...I forget easily. If I don't write it in my planner then I completely space whatever it was that we were suppose to do. I am so glad that we are in companionships because at least one of us remembers to write something down so we don't forget everything.

I am not really sure what else to write. It gets harder and harder, while you are on a mission, to think of things to write home about. We have slowly been cleaning up all the potential people that may or may not be interested in hearing our message. It is hard because they never seem to be home when we stop by. I sometimes wonder if missionaries just talk to the person outside then write their name down as a potential investigator and forget to go back, so that when another missionary, me, gets to the area they think,"Sweet look at all the work we have to do!" Then as you proceed down the list just about everyone says they are not interested in listening to us. It is heart breaking at times because I want them to know the Joy and Blessings that the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bring them.

I can also tell that the adversary is working on them too. We come across some very rude people that don't use very nice words when telling us to leave. Also as we ride down the streets sometimes you can hear people yell things.
My personal thoughts on this is why do they yell at us? Do the Jehovah's Witnesses get yelled at when they are walking down the road proselyting? If so, why? "Can't we all just get along?" I was always taught if you don't have something nice to say, yell at the person to make them want to yell at me back to get our points across... oh wait, it may have been DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL! But, everyone has their agency some just are not as smart when it comes to using theirs... I am not sure if that is a nice thing for missionaries to say but, i'm only human; and I am trying to be like Jesus. So I don't yell back or anything and I try to think that maybe they just had a bad day or experience with a member and when they really come to know about the Church they will change their mind. It is just getting the opportunity to go back and teach that is the hard thing, because they have already decided that they are not interested in anything we have to say.

But, all in all, most of the people we come into contact with are really nice at turning us away. They say how appreciative they are that we are out here sharing our message about Christ but they already found Him and are good. So we just have to smile and try a little more to see if they might want us to come back, but then some start to get agitated and tell us a little more forcefully that they are not interested. We have to just smile and wave goodbye. Then we write their name down for the next set of missionaries to stop by... :P

Summer is on the downhill slide. I thought that when summer started that work would go up due to people being home. But here it is the complete opposite. Everyone wants to get out of the heat and go to the lake. So things will start to get back to normal as people will be in town.

Side note: will someone find me a definition for what a Christian is? Or if there are multiple definitions or classifications would you send those to me.

Elder McCallson

Elder Farnsworth, the new arrival

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