Tuesday, June 23, 2015

May 11, 2015

Monday was awesome! We had a family that helped us out big time that day. The wife works at a salon and offered to cut our hair for free. Those are usually the best kind. They then took us out for lunch. I honestly have never tried real sushi. The closest stuff I have come to is store bought or all you can eat restaurant stuff. I won't eat it everyday but I didn't throw up like I thought I would. Spent most of our day driving around as it was just a regular P-Day. Had a great dinner with the Young Men's President. Ended the day on a good note.
Tuesday we helped our Relief Society President do some yard work in the morning. We fertilized her yard and cleaned off her back deck. She gave us some money to go get lunch. We stopped by the church building to make some reduced sized copies of the directory that we had, for convenience. Got picked up for dinner by Brother Small and had some white chicken chili. He had also invited his Catholic mother over and we watched Meet the Mormons. She loved it. She wasn't interested in taking the lessons but she will get there eventually. Went over to one of our investigators and watched Meet the Mormons with him too and inspired him to go back to Nepal and work through the Church for humanitarian aid. We pointed him to the Bishop as I have no clue who to contact for things like that.
Wednesday was good. It was a little slow to start the morning as most people are heading out the door to get to school, work, or appointments. We were able to, however, contact a sister that we haven't seen in three months. Had a quick lunch and road our bike the three miles up Eagle Rd, which is one big hill, to help Brother McDonald on his farm. We cut branches off his trees that he is trying to save. They look awesome! But, then again I did help with is so... Had dinner with a nice family that is always in a rush especially as it is youth night. Made a quick stop by a family across the street.
Thursday was soaking wet. It rained from when we got up to about dinner time. We were able to get our weekly planning done and make some visits with our newest ward missionary. But other than that not much happened.
Friday turned it all around though. We had a great Zone Meeting that really built my spirits. It is interesting that meetings, which I am not a big fan of, are usually the source of the most uplifting experiences I have had on my mission. We then nearly finished the job we had started at Brother McDonald's. Had a drop off dinner of Carl's Jr. The El Diablo Burger is good but I have tasted better.
Saturday was the best day. We helped serve a sister in the ward by pulling up more bamboo. We are almost done... I think. Had a great lunch and visited a potential investigator. Who turned into an investigator! She said "I have about five minutes to talk." So in mission language that means come sit for an hour. Not really, but we did end up spending that much time talking about the Church and about the Book of Mormon. The tender mercies of the Lord are always there at the best times.
Sunday was fantastic. Most would think that this should be the best day of the week especially as it was Mother's day and I got to Skype home. And it was. I was still debating on which day I enjoyed more. Went to church, made dinner for the family we live with, Chicken Fried Steaks. Ended the night talking with them and another set of Elders that came to Skype home too.
This was an awesome week. It is the weeks that I serve for. I love being a missinoary. I love the Lord. I love my Heavenly Father. I know that they are watching us and want us to be happy.
Elder McCallson
First Time Eating  REALSushi!


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