Tuesday, June 23, 2015

May 27, 2015

Monday was good. Another boring District P-Day. But we made it up because we had a lot of fun cooking. Other than that.... BORING! Until dinner. We had dinner with the Stockings. They are a funny family that we have met a few times, Bro Stocking works for HP as does most people that live here in Eagle. He is a very quiet person but gets to fly all over the world. He just got back from a "vacation" in Belgium and Germany. He brought back some chocolates. They were really good.
Tuesday we walked around pretty much the whole day. Most of last week was rainy so there weren't that many people outside for us to talk to. Although the Thorne's, the family we live with, son, Harrison, is a kind of child prodigy. He composed this great piece called Forest of Silver. It was fantastic. It was great to be there and support him in his triumph of a successful performance.
Wednesday was good. Again rain. We stopped by Curtis and talked for some time as our other plans fell through. During the semi part in the rain we were able to stop by a few people who all were not interested right now. Went to dinner at the Wingets... TACOs!!
Thursday was good. We had district meeting. It was good. but after that we stayed home pretty much the rest of the night. Elder Castillo wasn't feeling too well.
Friday we got out and did some service for sister Blodgett. We cleaned out her gutters and power washed her back porch. Then we stayed at home....
Saturday we stayed at home... seeing a pattern here. I watched movies pretty much all day. I even had to change the language on some of the movies so that it would keep me entertained.
Sunday we were able to go to church so that was nice. But then we spent the whole day at home.
This week was a little slow but luckily he is feeling better and we are out working again. I look forward to having more to report this next week.
Elder McCallson
Breakfast, the most important meal of the day
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