Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 1, 2015

Monday was not a P-Day. So we tried to get out and do a little proselyting. But, Elder Castillo wasn't feeling too well. We eventually had dinner with a doctor that night (coincidence?) and they diagnosed him with Bronchitis so they took him in and gave him an inhaler, which he had lost in his first area, and a breathing treatment. He started to feel better right away.
Tuesday was better. We were able to get out and actually proselyte. But, of course the day that we can get out, no one answers the door. So we pretty much walked around trying to contact anyone that would open the door for us.
Wednesday was P-Day. TEMPLE P-DAY! It was great to get to go that far out of the area and the Temple was the perfect topper to change the bummer last week to make this week the best. It was suppose to be a Zone P-Day but the rest of our Zone had their P-Day on Monday except for all us in Eagle. So of course we didn't do anything.
Thursday was a good day. We spent most of the time packing as we had to move out of the Thorne's because their daughter is coming home from her mission and they wanted to repaint and fix a leak they had before she came home. SO, we kicked the sister missionaries out of one of the apartments in our area so that we could live there. It felt like sweet revenge for loosing my car to some sisters earlier in my mission.. but, I'm not bitter about that at all. ;P Later that night we had our Book of Mormon Basics class... I took charge as no one knew who was suppose to. It was the best. Not because I took charge but because the people that came participated and helped it be one of the most spiritual classes we have ever held.
Friday was District Meeting It was great! Probably the best one I have ever been to. We went to Mongolian for lunch. I still couldn't eat all that I had taken. But am getting better at seasoning it and making it taste delicious as it melts your face off because of how hot I make it. We then returned home to get our stuff into a truck to move it to the new place. I always wanted to live there. But, we didn't unpack because we had no idea what was going on with transfers and we wouldn't get the call until Saturday. So we went out and visited a few people in attempts to get some work done.
Saturday was agonizingly long. But, we kept a good face about it. We helped clean the church building, went to the Throne's for Saturday morning waffles, helped move the last of the mission's stuff out of the basement and into a truck. Headed back as we were going to lunch with a member who wanted to thank us for helping clean the building. Went back and changed. Still no call. Went to lunch a Dicky's BBQ (that is some good food right there). It is just so expensive. Got back and like magic we got the voice-mail. We kicked the sisters our of Eagle and now we cover both Eagle 4th ward and Eagle 3rd ward. So we had to go and let people know that we were staying. Stopped by our ward mission leaders house to show him a map of our new area. Biked as fast a possible to get back for dinner. We had it with the Nielsen's and Curtis Puckett. Now Brother Nielsen is a vegan but isn't for PETA. He is doing it for his mom. But he helped make a pork roast that Curtis had bought for us to eat. It was good and I was surprised that he made it... then he told us his wife had made it. So that took away from it. :P
Sunday was good. We had a sister from the third ward speak in our ward as when she left she was in the fourth ward but it split while she was out. It was one of the best home coming talks I have ever heard. We then talked with some more people trying to get some more info on the new ward that we are covering. Got to second hour for a bit, it was good. We then had to wait for the Sisters to get us their area book so that we can see what they have been up to and who they are teaching and who they think we should go see. So we missed third hour but it was okay because I already knew what it was about. One of the nice perks about being a missionary is that often you may get information even before Bishops do. Strengthen Faith in the Home through Sabbath Day observance (Or at least how I think it should be worded.) Went home with our ward mission leader to have dinner, TACOS!! Then we had the person that had cancelled dinner call us and ask if we are coming over. So we ended up having two dinners. But it was one of the best I had ever had. They made pork chops that didn't taste like pork and some kabobs. It was really good.
I am looking forward to the challenge of serving in two wards. I ask for your prayers for strength and for success. I have really come to understand the power of combined faith. Prayer is an essential way for us to not only communicate with our Father in Heaven but also to bring about the miracles associated with the combined faith of those participating.
Keep in mind that you are loved by a GOD. Three actually (The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost). All you have to do is ask and He will give you an answer. There is real power in reading the words of God. Remember to read as a family and to build the faith of your children and your faith as you live the gospel not just profess it.
Elder McCallson

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