Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 8, 2015

Monday was interesting. First day of having two wards. We called people to make appointments to meet the ward mission leader but no luck but we were able to call him and set up an appointment. We had dinner with pretty much no luck.

Tuesday started off with us going to a physical therapist for my comp. He gave him some exercises to do. We then started looking through our new area book for the 3rd ward. It was crazy. There were people they wanted us to visit so.... we did but, still no luck. Got back to get ready to go to meet our ward mission leader. He is going to do one of the pageants in Nauvoo so he has a huge beard. He gave us some more people to visit. We then had a double booked dinner so we went on splits. I went with a family in the 3rd ward. The Wilcox's. Elder Castillo went with Bro McDonald. It was awesome. I had burritos that were really good. A little blackened just because their daughter forgot to keep checking on them. We then stopped by the Zollingers to set up our dinner for the next day and see how their friend is doing.

Wednesday we stopped by a family that is getting ready to move. So they need some yard work done. We cleared out quite a bit of grass and shrubs. We then started in on our list of people to visit. We stopped by a sister, Sister Conrad. We then proceeded to take two hours to talk to her. She is awesome. But no one else really opened their door. We went to dinner. Fajitas, so good.

Thursday was good. We did our weekly planning which took forever. We read through every note and person that the Sisters made. We then stopped by Sister Blodgett to set up service for the next day. Tried a few more people with really no luck in finding what we wanted. We had dinner with the Bartels. They are a blended family that is working on getting sealed in the Temple with their kids. It is awesome to see the progress that they are making. They have some of the greatest kids. In fact it almost makes me feel like I am home. They are constantly sarcastic and jump on every chance they can to point out how right they are. But, in the end they all are close and really help each other. It really reminds me of home. ;) Tried to have ward correlation in the 4th ward but no one showed...

Friday was our Zone Meeting. President and Sister Winder came, it was one of the best Zone meetings I have ever been at. We then went to IPC for lunch where I realized how much it sounds like a great idea to have all you can eat pizza but when you get to the point where you have eaten all you can you really hate it. Luckily though we had service right after at Sis Blodgett's. We are making progress, slowly, but it is looking better. We then had dinner at the Thorne's. The picture is what we had. Yes, I made it on my own, Mom. :P We then got a ride to a non members, the Stadlers ,who I helped move in and it looks as though I will help them move out.

Saturday was crazy. More contacting with no success. It was a little demotivating to have so many people but no doors open on a Saturday. Oh well. We had a referral that we contacted but they said they weren't interested. Finally met with the Elder's Quorum President of the 3rd ward. He is awesome! Had Bro Schrader pick us up for dinner. It was date night for him and his wife but he cancelled to feed us... she wasn't super thrilled about that. But, I hope that she is over it. :/

Sunday flew by. We had our regular morning studies then had a ward mission correlation meeting in the 3rd ward at 10. With 3rd ward Sacrament at 11. It was a fast and testimony Sunday so we were asked to introduce ourselves as this was the first time we had nearly full ward exposure. It was a great meeting. Really no time was spent in silence. There was always someone sharing the blessings from the Lord they had received. We then went to the next class, Gospel Principles. There was a Brother in there that said that the Sisters the week before had said they would teach the class the next week. Well here we were, no time to plan to teach and we rocked it. It was on missionary work so we really didn't need time to prepare but it would have been helpful for at least a 10 min notice. We then went from there to the 4th ward Sacrament. During the Sacrament a kid was whistling Jingle Bells. It was fun to watch everyone try to figure out where it was coming from. We were in the back as we got out of the other class a little late and the only available seats were in the back. It turned out to be a really good meeting though. I really wanted some one to figure out a way to use jingle bells in their testimony, but no one did. We had to then run from there to a lesson that was set up by our ward mission leader for a man he is helping find a job. It was a great first meeting and he took a Book of Mormon and asked us to come back!! MIRACLES! We then got dropped off for the last hour of 4th ward. Elders Quorum. The lesson was on Families can be together forever but ended up being a talk about speculation and opinions on what is going to happen after this life. But, it really helped me thing about how this life is just a blip in the grand scheme of our eternal existence. We then went to the Jamison's for dinner. Meatball Subs. They were really good. As I was sharing my spiritual thought some kids knocked on the door. They answered and one of them asked " Do you want to buy pine needles to cure cancer?" The other kid held up a few of the pine needles. The family politely said "No." We then proceeded to laugh. Also my companion felt something under him and pulled out a Pokemon thing, two drum sticks, and a pencil. Funny things you find in your couch. Finally we ended our night at the Stadler's again as they invited us over to play games. I won crazy 8's, go fish, and a snowball fight. Then again the snowball fight was unbalanced as it was 5 of us on their daughter that is 7... They asked us for help on a house that they are looking at buying and have already started plans to demo and rebuild parts of it.

This week was awesome! It was hard because of all the riding that we had to do and not knowing where we were going. We are starting to learn the layout of the other ward and will hopefully get a car this next week. But, who knows really.

I really want you to take a moment today and the rest of this week to ponder the miracle of you. By that I mean, look at what the Lord has done to get you where you are right now. OR how you got yourself where you are now and how the Lord can help bring you back to where you will be best and happy.

Elder McCallson
Escallop and Bread, YUM!

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