Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 15,2015

Monday was great! It was a zone p-day we played rugby almost the whole time. It was 98 degrees and the sun was out in full strength. So, being the type of person I am, I got a headache that night because I didn't drink enough water. But, we had an awesome dinner. Crapes! They were so good.
Tuesday went fast. We had district meeting that morning. It was really weird because it was so silent. Mostly because we kicked the sisters out of the district. We then tried some contacting but really no one was out as it was just about as hot as it was Monday. We had dinner drop off of pasta casserole. It was good but no meat. I was a little disappointed. But we looked out our window and saw a member across the street who needed some help moving dirt. So we rushed out to help him as all our other plans had cancelled on us that night. We worked with him for about 2 hours. Also, the young men's president and a few priests left to go harvest a pig for a party the 4th ward youth were going to have Wednesday night. So they came back, this happened while we were working on moving the dirt. We saw them come back and wanted to see it. We ended up helping them dig a hole, start a fire, put the pig on it, and cover it for the party. Needless to say that took us to the end of the night. I felt very accomplished.
Wednesday was slow to start. By the time lunch rolled around not much had happened. We visited Curtis. He has had a very hard life. Most people we have talked to about Curtis say that he is completely changed from the way he was before he became a member of the church. He laughs and talks now where as before, they say, he was a very quite and almost bitter man. And with all the things he has told us I can see why. We then left to visit some more people in the 3rd ward. We met this brother and boy was he one weird dude. We got in there and started to talk with him and he started to talk about menopause.... I think that is how you spell it... anyways he said that he was this tough farmer now he sometimes catches himself tearing up a commercials. Anyways... it was great to get to know him and his wife. We then road from there to dinner. Sweet and sour chicken and rice. It was really good. We then went from there to help with the pig. We unburied it, and moved it to the grass where it just started to fall apart as we unwrapped it. It was great! The only problem was that we didn't dig the pit big enough or deep enough and only half of the pig cooked. So we got to take some home and try and cook it.
Thursday we had this thing called Just Serve that started. It is where we as missionaries serve without proselyting. It was really weird as we cleaned some class rooms at a school. It was gross to think how dirty the desks and chairs and room was after a year of school. I am glad that I don't have to go to school anymore.... well until I get back that is. I think that almost all of our investigators are tired of seeing us as no one would open their doors. I guess this is the curse of Summer. Dinner finally rolled around and we got to have some fun on stilts before as we waited for the husband to get home. We then road to church for our 4th ward correlation meeting and were able to make some good visits.
Friday was a special day as we got a car. A Jeep Compass. My only real problem with it is my sister bought one and the sister missionaries in Star had it so it has been forever in my mind that it is a girl car. My companion keeps trying to reassure me that it's not but I probably won't change my mind. As missionaries we have an allotted amount of miles that we get to dive each month. Well the sisters that had the car before us when they dropped their car off 10 days into the month drove 400 miles. To put that into perspective in my last area for the first 3 months of my mission I had a car and we got about 450 miles for the month. Now this area is a bit bigger so we would get more than that but I am not sure how much more. So we are have to watch how much we drive until we are told how many we get. We gave it a wash and vacuumed it out... it was a mess.... filled up the tires that were low and then had to pick up some Elders for service. We almost have all the bamboo gone from the sisters yard. It has only taken us 2-3 months. We then visited another sister from the 3rd ward that really likes it when we stop by. Had dinner, then met with our eternal investigator of the 4th ward. By that we mean that he is slowly making progress but keeps refusing to be baptized. He wanted to watch a movie about Joseph Smith that he found and we were kind of worried that it was an anti-mormon movie but to our surprise it was Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration on Netflix. He also prayed when we asked him to. So we are not really sure what else to do with him...
Saturday we helped do some service for a brother in the 4th ward that lives in the 5th ward with his girlfriend who is sort of taking the lessons. So as missionaries we teach only those in our area. But, there are sometimes boundary exceptions like this brother lives in another ward but his records are in our ward because he is building a house in our ward. Anyways we did quite a bit of clean up as he is wanting to start landscaping. Went home weekly planned had some studies. Went to dinner. Tied to contact some more but no luck. But, we again looked out our window and this same brother was now spreading mulch. So we ran over and helped with that. We then had smores and I was so happy. I have wanted those for so long.
Sunday was crazy. Now that we have two wards we also have double the meetings to go to. We had ward council for both wards at 9 then 3rd ward correlation at 10 and sacrament for 3rd ward at 11 we then are a little lunch at 12:30 then went to sacrament for the 4th ward. We drove home in time for us to leave for dinner. Again our plans cancelled on us so we really didn't have much to do the rest of the night. Made a few stops at members we hadn't seen in a while. One of them is moving as they closed a deal on their house on Saturday the full price they asked for. The couple that bought it is from California and thought it was a great deal. This is one of the big homes on one of the wealthiest streets in all of eagle. So this was not cheep. But hey, I guess moving from where houses are insane to where only the big houses are crazy is good.
This week was a little slow in all. But, I know that this next week will be awesome! I am really excited to be able to get around faster now that we have a car. I really hope I have more fun stories to tell you about next week. I love you all.
Elder McCallson
Buried Pig 
Walking on Stilts

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