Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 22, 2015

Not much time today sorry.
This week was great so I will go over the highlight reel.
On Monday we had a great meeting with the primary president who use to be the relief society president so now she know everyone. She gave us quite a few people to stop by and with great hopes we started the week.
Tuesday we started on some of the names she gave us and what a success. We met with sister Su, who's first question was "who sent you?" It was interesting to watch her turn from sort of a clam all tight and close to really opening up and showing us a great pearl of a daughter of God. We met another member who was moving and accepted our help but we had to wait til the following day. We met with a gentleman who is not a member but comes to church pretty regularly. We are going to work on him to see if he has any interest in increasing his knowledge and faith in the Savior or in other words invite him to take the lessons.
Wednesday we helped that family move out as their land lord sold the house out from under them.... that is happening quite a bit here in Eagle right now... Met with our new eternal investigator. He is going through quite a bit right now but said he is grateful for our visits and that he may want to be baptized but not right now. So we are going to let the Spirit work on him for a little bit.
Thursday we had the worst and best service ever. We layered rocks around a new man made pond in a subdivision. I will try to get pics for it. We couldn't finish it all in one day so we went back Saturday. Met the Hranacs in the ward, they have a turtle.
Friday was district meeting. We then finished cleaning up sister Blodgett's, bamboo lady, yard.
Saturday some service as previously mentioned above as we also helped a less active member who wasn't even there. Random call from a member for service they too are moving but not because their land lord sold their house but because they let him know that they were building a house and moving out in a few months so he was going to raise their rent $1000. So they were happy to leave.
Sunday... Father's day. Two missionary farewells and a missionary home coming. It was awesome!
Elder McCallson
Turtle and Me
Awesome Sign!

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