Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 29, 2015

Monday was great. We had a zone p-day of basket ball and volleyball. It was nice to have time to really play and relax as that last week was crazy. Got haircuts.
Tuesday we had to finish the service that we started. We have some awesome pics but I need to get them from the other missionaries. A full day of contacting and almost no doors opened.
Wednesday was good. We had lunch with a single sister and her home teacher. They had panda express and I had Subway only because I am not that big of a fan of panda... they made fun of me. But it was all good. Elder Castillo was able to get to the physical therapist again so that is making it easier on our work load. Or we can work more because he is in less pain.
Thursday was district meeting and interviews with president. It was weird because my interview was way shorter than anyone else's. Tried some more contacting...by the way this was the first day it was really over 100 for a majority of the day and we didn't have enough miles for the rest of the month so we had to ride our bikes. The only real problem was that Elder Castillo wrecked his back tire so we borrowed Elder Garcia's tire while we took his into the shop. (Later we learned that the gear was rusted on there so bad that they couldn't get it off to do the necessary repairs so he has to buy a new one).
Friday service. We helped this non-member family with some work around their house. We have helped them in the past cutting and moving wood and junk so that they could really get started on cleaning up the yard. Well we went over with a weed whacker and they had a lawn mower. I started whacking and brother Young (the non-member) started mowing when about 30 mins in it caught on fire literally so we had to stop. We helped clean up some of their yard and load up their truck to take stuff to the dump. That night we had my first birthday party with the Hall's in the ward. They are moving and wanted to throw me a party before either they left or I did. We watched Meet the Mormons.
SATURDAY BIRTHDAY!!! It started with service at a less actives house. We were helping clean up his barn and we were doing some sweet parkour around. Well I did at least. We then drove home got ready and went to lunch with some members in our ward as they wanted to treat me to lunch at a local Mongolian restaurant. It was awesome! We then tried to visit some other people who of course didn't open their doors. It was turning out to be a pretty bummer birthday. Until we went to the Thorn's for dinner. We went to Chipotle it was so good. We hung out for a little while there as we let our stomachs settle for the cake she had made for me. Double Chocolate  We then went to the Stadler's who wanted to take me out for ice cream. I was completely full by this time and both Elder Castillo and I thought we were going to die. It was a great day all in all.
Sunday we were in meetings all day, which was good with me. From Thursday to Sunday the temp was over 100 everyday. So I was fine being in a nice ac'd building. Had a quick dinner and that was pretty much it.
I am really looking forward to this next week as we are getting more organized with who we can visit and when is the best time. I am really grateful for all the help and strength that you are all to me.
Elder McCallson
Why I Love My Weight
Birthday at the Stadlers


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