Monday, August 11, 2014

My new address will be:  Elder Jacob McCallson
                                         IDAHO BOISE MISSION OFFICE
                                         1111 South Cole Road
                                         Boise, Idaho  83709

    No humidity!! I have three Elders from California (one from Laguna Beach, Orange County) they all say it is cold and humid here, I can't help but laugh. They have no clue what humidity really is. The weather had been awesome we had a few raindrops every now and then (nothing like the storms in Kansas). I also cannot count the times I have heard "you're not in Kansas anymore". But, I don't mind, I think it's funny.

    I had two really cool teacher Brother Sebesta and Sister Draney. They really know how to make the lessons and ways to teach fun. I wish I could give you all a quick lesson to show you how you can help teach others. The first lesson can be taught in under a minute.

   I love you all so much, (thanks for the emails- you don't realize how awesome mail from home is until you are out on a mission, so please tell Jeremy: I am sorry.) I would like an update on Hunter and Everett and their calls whenever possible.

"Pray always that you may come off conqueror..."
 I wish I could give you all a great big hug.

I love you,
Elder McCallson

                                                      Flowers in Provo, UT

                                                      Elders in MTC Group
                                                 MTC Group, Elders and Sisters


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