Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 18, 2014

My first week was awesome. Right off we, Elder Sellers and I, did a little shopping, then went straight to a teaching appointment at a member's house. The goal in this mission is to teach all members the first lesson so they understand what and how we teach. I think that is a great idea. 1) because most member don't really know what to talk to their friends about when they ask about our religion (or at least I didn't) and 2) It helps us grow closer to the families so they can trust us with their friends and other referrals.

One of the few things I miss most is swimming. We have this pool in our apartment complex but.... I can't go! The weather here is dry, whether cold at nights or hot, when the sun is out it is just dry. It is a lot better than Kansas. The people are different. I can't really explain it. I guess this experience will do... Saturday, we went to a members house to help celebrate their 1 year old's birthday. When it came time for cake they stripped him to his "birthday suit" :) so he could eat the cake. Not only that but the party was outside.
Now about the area.... My district covers about a 3-5 square mile area. My companion just transferred from an area in Meridian where he said it was 1/2 a square mile. Most of our ward that we cover lives in apartment complexes (we have 4 in our area) so the static families all hold the callings and live in this area called the Hill. It has become hard for us to continue with the goal of our mission because we don't know where half of the people live; most of that is due to the moving in and out of apartments and our list is like a year old. When we get iPads it will change because we then have an always up-to-date mapping of families in the Ward.
I don't have a Chipotle... That was a bit of a bummer, but so far as I have been here I have yet to eat steak/roast and potatoes. :P I have had chicken alfredo twice though :P

I had the opportunity to confirm my first person. Granted he was 8 years old and his brother was on a mission in Arizona (Mesa). But it was still cool!
It has only been a week but I am loving the time I have to serve the Lord. I know that by reading and praying we all can have our testimonies grow.
I can also attest to the fact that the Lord blesses the diligent. Sunday we had a gentleman just walk into church. Well we saw him and have an appointment set up for this week. Also as we were visiting another sister, we had a woman walk up to us and say "I want to be Mormon." Needless to say, we set up an appointment right there and will also visit her this week.
I know that the Lord is preparing people to hear the Gospel. All we have to do is be where he wants us to be.
I love you all,
Elder McCallson

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