Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Went on exchanges with my Zone Leaders and some Elders in my District. Both times I went tracting which is my least favorite missionary activity.  But hey, I guess I am good at it.  There was this one door we knocked, the guy unlocks and opens, smiling, and says "come on in"...SKETCHY!!  We don't know his name nor have we seen him before so we of course do what any rational person does, we walk in and sit down on his couch.  I stand up and shake his hand after he LOCKS the door and make the comment, "I am not trying to lock you in, I just want to make sure the door seals".  I don't remember his name but it was fun. We talked about Jesus and how he wasn't really born in December. Sorry for those of you who didn't know that before you read this. :P

I also got to work on my Spanish a little.  We were with the Spanish missionaries when we were tracting, so one of us went with one of them and we would take turns speaking if it was the language we were called to.  So it was fun. So all of that was with Elder Ohman, who is in my District.

One of my Zone Leaders is Elder Bowler who came into the mission with me. So it was awesome to get to see the different teaching styles and experiences we have had over the last 16 months. We reminisced on the MTC days and how much we have both grown since then.  Apparently he thought I was anti-social or something...:P  I probably was.

Thanksgiving was AWESOME!! We had our real dinner at the Ciccarello's, they are awesome!  We also had a few others invite us over for pie and things. So over all it was a good day. I am sad and happy because I have a car. I am sad because I now have to work out extra hard to keep off the weight that I lost but I am happy because we are able to make more visits in a day and it is cold outside so I don't have to walk out in it!!

Elder McCallson

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