Monday, January 5, 2015

December 29, 2014

Dear fantastic person,
This week was awesome! Christmas and all. It was nice to meet so many new people. Our only problem was that all the people we visited and their family members that we there were all members. I guess that is how it goes sometimes. The rest of the week went by really fast. I can't believe how fast time is going when you really "forget yourself and go to work." It has really inspired me to not loose my "greenie glow" as we call it in the mission. I am really excited to see how this next week will go.
I guess something most people like to give missionaries is socks. I now have enough to last till the end of my mission. I hope. I also found that being a missionary is awesome! People just invite you over and give you food just because. I guess I realized that if everyone did this throughout the year that there would be no starvation.
What did I learn this week... that is interesting. I found that God really does answer prayers and is watching over all of us. Please remember to pray and look for His hand in your life as you move forward.
What did I want to do before the end of the year... I really just wanted to work hard. I guess before the end of the year I wanted to help at least one person progress towards their Father in Heaven. I accomplished that.
I have found out that I am a really bad conversationalist. Meaning I am running out of things to write home about. I need questions from you the reader to know what more to write.
Ask and ye shall receive; knock and it shall be open unto you.
God bless your path,
Elder McCallson

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